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Almond tarts, and a new project

I’m in need a of a project. I miss school and that feeling of working on something. I literally spend hours a day reading food blogs. The entire time thinking, ” why am I not doing that?” So instead of passively reading while thinking, ” I really want to make that” and having a lot of ideas but no…..reason. I mean, how many desserts and baked goods can one have in the house at any one time? But if they’re “blog projects” I think that totally justifies it no?

There was one thing holding me back. Photos. Whenever I tried to take photos of my projects they just never looked “right”. Its so frustrating. I have this vision of what I want them to look like, but they just……don’t. Now here’s the real frustration. I know the solution…learn how to use the tech-y camera. Sounds easy right? Tech-y things intimidate me. I literally had to start with, “How do I turn it on? ” Haha. I know right?!

So I spent a chunk of the afternoon on the long weekend baking almond tarts with cherries and raspberries and learning how to use the scary camera. And you know, I actually enjoyed it. The camera is still intact and I don’t even think its covered in sugar. It felt good to work on something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I like feeling productive!

The tarts themselves were DELICIOUS! I’d had almond tarts on my mind for awhile and with cherries in season it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Cherries+almond=heaven. They’re actually more delicious than I even imagined. I used the frangipane tart and sweet tart dough recipes from here http://www.amazon.com/Tartine-Elisabeth-Prueitt/dp/0811851508 and added some additional almond extract for some extra almond flavor. Next time I’d underfill the shells slightly as the filling bubbled over a bit, and see how I pressed the fruit in a bit?

Ya, I wouldn’t do that next time. The fruit should just sit on top of the filling so that when it bakes, the fruit still stands out on top.

For fun, I made some with cherries and some with raspberries. While the cherry ones were heavenly, the raspberry were also good and reminded me a twist on traditional version that includes a layer of raspberry jam.

So, I’m looking forward to working on this little project :)

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